New Review from Booklist!

Horsefever was just reviewed at Booklist Online. Many thanks to Maggie Reagan for her wonderful words:

Nikki Swensen has no interest in playing it safe. An eventer, she competes in what is one of the most perilous of equestrian sports, riding a horse at a breakneck pace over a multitude of cross-country hurdles. Nikki, who has a taste for difficult horses, has competitive drive in spades, but she fears the sport as much as she loves it—a dangerous combination. Afraid for her safety, Nikki’s reluctant husband hires the enigmatic Gabe, a formerly successful ex-eventer left half-crippled after an accident, to train her. As Gabe pushes Nikki to find her courage and connect with her horse, the connection between rider and trainer also grows, sending their respective spouses into a volatile tailspin of jealousy and catapulting them all toward tragedy. This atmospheric first novel thrusts readers into the intense, often seedy world of competitive horsemanship. Though the concept will certainly appeal to those interested in equine sports, the shifting character dynamics and tense plot will hook fans of suspense as well as horse lovers.



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