Horsefever has been the #1 Fiction Bestseller on the Small Press Distribution List


Welcome. A few musings on Horsefever, my novel inspired by an actual murder case. It’s a story of two couples who become lost in a tangle of ambition and passion in the sensual world of horse eventing. The novel probes into suspicions of adultery and betrayal, leading, inevitably, to murder, but also it probes into the souls of horses, and humans, and their entanglement.

Why read about horses?

Because they can show us who we are. Humans and horses are creatures of loyalty, herd bound. But while humans are predators, horses are creatures of prey that have survived since prehistoric times through fear. Horses sense our fear through our bodies, gestures, tones of voice, even our breath. We must master our fears or horses will fear us. Then horses can be dangerous, even lethal.

So when I write about horses, it is to reveal our innermost fears. It is to follow those fears into the human world. It is to show where those fears take us.

I have a fascination too with love relationships in marriage, and outside of it, in sexual dynamics–with the power of intimacy, and the misuse of power that inhabits some love unions.

And I have a fascination with the literary treatment of murder, as in such novels as Before and After, Affliction, Revere Beach Boulevard, The Idiot, The English Patient, House of Sand and Fog….and in many fine mystery novels and thrillers. In these novels characters create their own plots. Some characters self-destruct. Some overcome.

I have a fascination with God. With suffering, and forgiveness. With the many shades of darkness and light.

So now this novel, Horsefever, revised off and on over eight years. Hatched. Written. Then ditched. Then rewritten, revised again.

I hope it brings to you an interior look into marriage and the way we can lose overselves, but then perhaps find ourselves again…some of us, sometimes through another species, like horses.

Cover art by Richard Brown Lethem


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